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The cash register at your Arizona grocery store or restaurant is extremely important. It is the pipeline for revenue for your business. We do not sell out-of-the-box Electornic Cash Registers, or ECR, that you can find at your typical depot store. American Point of Sale specializes in point-of-sale systems solutions because we believe that a point of sale system provides more value in managing your business. All of the solutions that we offer and service are of the highest quality giving you a product that is durable and reliable.

With over 30 years years of experience that we have at American Point of Sale with POS Systems, we can develop a POS solution that will make your Arizona grocery store or restaurant more productive.

Point of Sale benefits

A point-of-sale system has a great many benefits. Some of those benefits include:
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Faster Transaction Processing
  • Precise Inventory Control
  • Smoother Customer Interaction
  • Reduced Overhead Costs

Arizona Restaurant Point of Sale System

A secure and accurate point of sale system is a must for any Arizona restaurant. American Point of Sale offers systems of the highest quality. To get information about our restaurant products, please visit the following links. Here you will find all of the cash register products that we sell and service.
Increase the security of your restaurant system with products from American Point of Sale. We have helped restaurants across Arizona including the cities of Tucson, Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Peoria to name a few. Call us today to learn more about the POS solutions that we can provide your restaurant.

Arizona Grocery Store Point of Sale

Independent and small chain grocery stores have relied on the POS solutions that American Point of Sale offers for our solid product knowledge to help develop a POS system solution to make their stores more productive. Plus, our POS systems can increase the customer's experience within your grocery store. To get more information on the POS solutions we provide, please visit the links provided below.

American Point of Sale has been providing expert information and solutions to independent and small chain grocery stores across Arizona. Some of the cities that we have helped include Flagstaff, Yuma, Tucson and Phoenix. Call us today and let our experts with grocery store cash registers and POS systems help develop a solution for you.

Contact American Point of Sale

Contact American Point of Sale today to learn how point-of-sale hardware and software can help your grocery store or restaurant increase your customer's experience and streamline operations to reduce operating costs. Call 1-866-889-4936 and one of professional point-of-sale staff members will discuss your exact needs. You can also reach us with any point-of-sale questions that you may have through our contact form provided below.

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